Secret Tips For Decorating Apartments and Small Spaces!

These are some tips to help you decorate your small apartment and narrow spaces so you can enjoy your place without any feeling of overcrowding.

Furniture made from bamboo gives the impression of wide place. Decor experts advise you to suspend the curtain from a high point in the wall because this contributes to the height of the room and this in turn contributes to the breadth of the room (theoretically). Use the build in technology which means libraries or shelves built on the same wall rather than taking from the space of the room.

Mirrors when distributed in certain ways help to give a touch of wideness to the small spaces. Remove barriers and doors among rooms and the other spaces (if possible) for example, corridors do not need doors Leave them open to one another, and be sure to make the light of the same quality in the spaces opened to one another.

When you start decorating rooms, try to decorate the rooms in a way that each room would have something special for example, a room with paper walls of the scheme white with yellow, a second chamber can be painted in a normal yellow and so on. Remember that light colors give widening to the place and you can add long accessories to the walls which would add height and therefore add to the size of your narrow space.

It is known that the natural sunlight lighting gives an atmosphere of widening to the space. Make a living room or bedroom for example, overlooking the back garden which will add to the wideness of the room. When flooring makes sure there is no major contradictions if the spaces opened to one another, try to choose flooring and materials suited to one another.

How to employ some of the aesthetic elements that give the spaciousness and wideness to any small apartment?

Careful selection of furniture: when you choose your furniture you should also consider the quality of fabrics and colors. The furniture must reflect your personality and your taste, but you should know that fabric of soft and light colors are the recommended choice for all the small houses. The prevalence of the wood furniture and measurements play a role in making the place seems very small and narrow, as the use of dark brown wood in furniture makes the room look small, so we recommend choosing wood of a light color, but refraining from the use of wood would be the ideal solution.

Practical rooms: Due to the small size of the houses today, there are no extra rooms can be used as an office or as a room for guests, so that why a practical and smart way is created so you can take advantage of every room in your home. By one touch you can convert an office or a living room to a bedroom for guests. The explanation of this is to hide the bed inside a cabinet during the use of a room as an office or living room, and when the time to sleep comes, arrange the room to accommodate the bed, it will not take no more than 20 seconds for you and your family to have a new room. These intelligent and versatile rooms are very practical solution to the narrow houses, as it eases the overcrowding and cramped feeling.

Optical illusion: an example for these visual tricks is the use of white mirrors as an alternative to paintings, which makes us feel like we are in a wider and larger area.

Perhaps the most difficulty facing the decor engineers is trying to persuade the housewife to cancel some of her purchases, which often do not commensurate with the reality of her apartment space, in addition to the problems of architecture and location of doorways and windows.