Secret Tips For Decorating Apartments and Small Spaces!

These are some tips to help you decorate your small apartment and narrow spaces so you can enjoy your place without any feeling of overcrowding.

Furniture made from bamboo gives the impression of wide place. Decor experts advise you to suspend the curtain from a high point in the wall because this contributes to the height of the room and this in turn contributes to the breadth of the room (theoretically). Use the build in technology which means libraries or shelves built on the same wall rather than taking from the space of the room.

Mirrors when distributed in certain ways help to give a touch of wideness to the small spaces. Remove barriers and doors among rooms and the other spaces (if possible) for example, corridors do not need doors Leave them open to one another, and be sure to make the light of the same quality in the spaces opened to one another.

When you start decorating rooms, try to decorate the rooms in a way that each room would have something special for example, a room with paper walls of the scheme white with yellow, a second chamber can be painted in a normal yellow and so on. Remember that light colors give widening to the place and you can add long accessories to the walls which would add height and therefore add to the size of your narrow space.

It is known that the natural sunlight lighting gives an atmosphere of widening to the space. Make a living room or bedroom for example, overlooking the back garden which will add to the wideness of the room. When flooring makes sure there is no major contradictions if the spaces opened to one another, try to choose flooring and materials suited to one another.

How to employ some of the aesthetic elements that give the spaciousness and wideness to any small apartment?

Careful selection of furniture: when you choose your furniture you should also consider the quality of fabrics and colors. The furniture must reflect your personality and your taste, but you should know that fabric of soft and light colors are the recommended choice for all the small houses. The prevalence of the wood furniture and measurements play a role in making the place seems very small and narrow, as the use of dark brown wood in furniture makes the room look small, so we recommend choosing wood of a light color, but refraining from the use of wood would be the ideal solution.

Practical rooms: Due to the small size of the houses today, there are no extra rooms can be used as an office or as a room for guests, so that why a practical and smart way is created so you can take advantage of every room in your home. By one touch you can convert an office or a living room to a bedroom for guests. The explanation of this is to hide the bed inside a cabinet during the use of a room as an office or living room, and when the time to sleep comes, arrange the room to accommodate the bed, it will not take no more than 20 seconds for you and your family to have a new room. These intelligent and versatile rooms are very practical solution to the narrow houses, as it eases the overcrowding and cramped feeling.

Optical illusion: an example for these visual tricks is the use of white mirrors as an alternative to paintings, which makes us feel like we are in a wider and larger area.

Perhaps the most difficulty facing the decor engineers is trying to persuade the housewife to cancel some of her purchases, which often do not commensurate with the reality of her apartment space, in addition to the problems of architecture and location of doorways and windows.

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How to Get Into an Art and Design School

Art and design, offering huge range of lucrative professions is attracting a hefty number of students to build their career. There are many who are gifted with creative skills and want to make a career in art and design. Pursuing education in an art and design field combined with the suitable skills and aptitude can make a living out of doing what you love to do. For this, selection of right school and course is highly important, but the question is how to get into art and design school. If you are searching for an answer then here are few important steps that may help you get into the best art and design school of the United States-

1. There are huge number art schools in the United States, so decide which one you want to join. Research on schools to know about the majors they offer. Knowing about the curriculum along with courses offered by the schools will help you to compare the best school.

2. Create a portfolio of your artwork, because many reputed art schools of the United States ask for such portfolios in order to judge your skills or potential. So, always show your original work, as artwork made from photographs or illustrations is never entertained by any schools.

3. Making impressive portfolio doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Selecting 15 to 25 pieces of organized and presentable work is enough for judges to determine your potential. Always try to display your original work that are neat and can show your actual talent.

4. You may not be called to show your portfolio in person. In this case you have to prepare 35mm slides, digital images or prints of your work.

5. Your academic components might play major role in getting reputed school. Your test scores and grades are often considered to decide merit-based scholarships.

Apart from all this, the next significant aspect that you need to think while getting into an art and design school is your letters of recommendation. You must note that your letters of recommendation actually play a very important job in conveying information regarding you. It can further help you tell more about yourself that at times gets impossible to be explained in the application.

Many people dream to make their career in art and design, but very few can take up the way they want and proceed to a more sophisticated level. There are number of personalities who have achieved fame and millionaire or billionaire status. Following above said tips can guide you the way to get your desired goal like others did.

Art and Design School Admissions Checklist

The field of art and design is very vast and offers plenty of opportunities for any student in the form of graphic designing, fine art, animation and many more. Once you have decided to move into this field you need a proper art and design school that can sharpen your skills in a better way. Often, when you select a school you either select it based on its name or just because many of your friends have enrolled in that school. There are many aspects, which must be considered before taking an admission in an art & design school. While choosing a school making a rash decision can make things worse. So, give some time to judge a chosen school before admission. Below is the checklist which can help to get into the best art and design school:

Is the school accredited?

This is a very important question, and you must have a proper answer. Before you enroll your name into any art and design school, make sure you check its accreditation. This is because, an accredited school can only offer a necessary study environment, which is important for any art & design program. Besides this, an accredited school generally follows a set standard required for an art & design program, which is also approved by government organizations.

Does the school have good placement rate?

This is another important element that you must examine. Art and design school with better rate of placement proves that their education standard is better and employers also appreciate the student’s efficiency. Hence, you must be assured that school you have chosen have the high placement rate. Therefore, it is again an important parameter to consider and examine while choosing a school.

What are the strengths of the program?

The curriculum offered in the chosen program should be well designed enough to empower you with all the proficiencies required to lead a professional work. In fact, it is important for you to comprehend that a well designed curriculum plays a vital role in making you capable enough to meet the challenges of the outside world.

Does the school have the proper equipment or lab to train students?

Being an art student you cannot ignore the importance of equipment that may help you improve your skills. You must note that having the necessary equipment related to any particular art is an essential part of learning and increasing your proficiency. Consequently, you must ensure that the schools you choose have the appropriate equipment or separate practical lab that in turn may help you gain proper knowledge along with better realistic exposure.

Does the school have experienced faculty members?

A school with renowned artists as a faculty member can be a major plus point. It may help you know many new and different aspects of art and design. Getting a proper training from an artist or an experienced faculty who has made significant contributions to the art and design industry is obviously going to be a unique experience. Ultimately, always ensure about the experience of faculty members before you take an admission into any art and design school.

Above mentioned points are few simple yet most important points or questions that you must ask and have an answer of each of them before you take an admission. Apart from this, do not forget to spend some time talking to those students who are already passed from the preferred art school you are going to take an admission. Perhaps, they share their valuable ideas about what they did they looked for before taking an admission. Never be shy of asking questions, you must be clear in your questions and selection of school. Make your mind clear regarding the art and design school you are planning to join before you make a career.